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While so men may simply be satisfied by the fact that they get good erections and better sexual pleasures in bed with their respective partners, there are those who may just feel so down with whats happening to them. This is because they seem to lose hope in achieving stronger and bigger erections.

Others may find it very unworthy to give attention to this problem but there is a negative impact of this occurrence in a mans brain and emotions. With problems like this that arise in bed, it would take a man several times thinking about the problem that might cause him his sanity at times. It will also strike his emotions considering that it may lead to lost of self-esteem.

Well, there is a solution to these problems now. There is a chance to get harder, longer-lasting erections and this can be done by simply looking for products out there that will surely offer help for this particular plight. Science has now reinvented the way you can go on with your bedroom encounters without suffering from dismay or disappointment, either way. Thanks to the now invented penis extenders that will surely be of help.

Penis Extenders Introduced

Penis extenders, when you look at it for the first time, will give you utmost fear of using them. This is because the device has strong wire-like stretchable bands that are used to hold and extend the penis. The construction of the product alone will somehow make you experiment on making it on your own but mind you, there are some problems when you will do this yourself. The truth is, you simply have to depend on trusted products in the market.

We at made our own research to come up with our top 3 choices of penis extenders which you can make use of. There is a list of options out there but we have considered whichever will be safest and most comfortable for your experience. We have considered the price but of course we also have to associate the cost with its benefits.

Using our own gauge, we came up with the following penis extenders as our top choices:

#1  SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics has its comfort technology that assures that your entire experience with a penis extender will be worth every penny you invest. Imagine how this comfort brings you to the climax of your sexual encounters without you having to worry about pain at all.

There is a padded rubber comfort strap in SizeGenetics thus making it deliver the results you want without having to bother about discomfort all the time. This support system will never cut off the blood supply that flows to your penis. Other penis extenders out there might just disgust you with your first-time experience of using these products but it is not a problem at all with SizeGenetics.

It also has silicone noose and latex grips that make the penis extender even more comfortable to the wearer. The trouble with some penis extenders in the market is that they end up getting your money without you even experiencing the best thing that is supposedly offered by the product. This is not a problem at all with SizeGenetics Comfort Technology.

All in all, SizeGenetics provides a steady and constant traction to the penis. All you have to do is follow instructions as to how to place the device.

SizeGenetics is available at a price of only $199.95 for its starter package.

#2  ProExtender

Next to SizeGenetics, we also have considered ProExtender as a great addition to your penis extender choices. The ProExtender System is a medical miracle, simply because it also delivers its promises. It has been used by urologists and plastic surgeons and experts have recommended this to their patients.

Painless traction  this is what you get when you use the ProExtender System in order to enlarge your penis. It has a fully adjustable apparatus that allows and fits your penis at your own comfort. It underwent a study which vouches for its safety and efficacy to users. It may have made use of an ancient principle but that very same principle was merged with modern approach to adapt to the men of today.

The entire ProExtender System includes: (1) the penis enlargement device, the one you have to put over your penis; (2) VigRx penis enhancement pills to support the function of the penis enlargement device; Semenax volume increaser pills for more seminal flow; and (4) a penis enlargement exercise DVD to help you on your way to sexual satisfaction.

The Original ProExtender costs more expensive than SizeGenetics at $299.95 per pack of the device.

#3  JesExtender

The JesExtender is a simple device which can be worn all day under your clothes and also at night when sleeping. The Jes Extender does not require regular visit with your doctor and something you can have and let you avoid painful surgery which are quite costly. It does not even need a prescription from the doctor.

As they say, just a couple of weeks of wearing Jes Extender can provide you with outstanding results. They say that the average increase in length is 3 inches however, the result increases as you wear the device. The Jes extender does not only increase the penis size but it also makes it thicker. With it you will gain more confidence by having a larger penis and may increase your sexual activity with your partner as you have more confidence now in the bedroom.

The JesExtender has the ability to stretch the penis in size without the use of pills or pumps. It simply applies a consistent pressure to the penis with the use of the natural stretching muscles enclosed in the penis. Once the skin cells are stretched and are divided, there are new tissues that are formed. This procedure has often used by tribes in stretching their skin and this is how elongated necks and spoon sized lips are formed among tribal members.
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Penis Enlargement
About Penis Enlargement
There are many types of penis enlargement. Here are just a few of the ones that will be mentioned in our site: penis enlargement pills, penis enlargement devices, penis enlargement pumps, penis enlargement stretches & weights, penis enlargement surgery...

Scams To Avoid
The internet is FULL of scams which will take your money, but then provide with nothing in return. Unfortunately, because of the increasing success of the penis enlargement industry there have been a flood of scammers into the penis enlargement market. For legal reasons we can not list the names of the companies that we believe offer "less than" perfect systems. Hopefully you can determine on your own - by utilizing ratings and giving notice to the companies who refused to particpate in our project, who offers quality programs...

Women and Penis Sizes
Do women really care about penis size? The answer is yes, but does it matter either way? If you feel insecure about your penis size then it affects how you act and behave, that is reason enough to do something about it...

The Penis Anatomy
The above diagram clearly illustrates the corpora cavernosa chambers which will be expanded with the use of natural enlargement programs and penis pills...

Penis Size Survey
Penis Size Surveys- Every man wants to know if they are average or not? hopefully they are not below averages other wise what do they do? The problem is unfortunately there is no definitive answer to this question. Many researches have been done and the average penis size as ranged from 6 inches to 6.5 inches, the question is which study to believe. Durex have been running a online study for many years now and you can see their results by visiting their site..

Is Penis Enlargement Safe?
Is penis enlargement safe? Yes it is 100% safe, obviously you have to be careful and avoid the dangerous techniques. Apart from when I did weights and stretches I never had any injuries while doing the natural penis enlargement and the pills. Below I re-oterate the techniques to avoid...

Measuring The Penis
Measuring Your Penis - Ask ANY women if size matters and the probable response you will get is "of course not". So if this is the case how come women constantly make jokes over size? And brag when their partner has got a big penis? They also secretly claim sex is better with a bigger penis? No wonder us men are confused. First of all lets see how you measure up on average to everyone else, lets see what is the correct way to measure your penis...

More Women Discuss Penis Size
More Women Discuss Size - Many women say that size doesn't matter. As far as I can see it does - and those women who say it doesn't are lying to protect their partners - or are just plain stupid! I talked to three women who give their opinions...

Penis enhancement pills
Top 4 penis enhancement pills review
Comparison of VigRX, ProSolution, Magna-RX+ and VP-RX...

Three Important Reasons for Taking VigRX™
Has your erection fallen from the glory of your youth? Can you see changes in your sexual performance that worry you? No matter how bad it looks right now, there are solutions available!..

Is penis enhancement right for you
Most men consider whether they should have penis enhancement at some point in their lives. And when they look into it, they inevitably find the variety of methods available for the purpose. The amount of information available can make your head spin!..

Did you know that VigRX™ does NOT contain Yohimbe?
VigRX™ is the best that historic remedies and modern medicine have to offer! The VigRX™ formula is THE top performing herbal supplement for penis enhancement. And it does not contain the controversial Yohimbe! Why not Yohimbe?..

VigRX™ solves erectile problems without side effects!
Since its introduction in 1999, Viagra has made a powerful name for itself in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). It was so successful that competition has now moved in, in the form of two new drugs named Cialis and Levitra. More and more men are moving towards addressing and treating a problem that has plagued them for many centuries  soft and short-lived erections. But although Viagra and its cousins have proven effective for millions of men, some find the side effects a hassle to deal with. Side effects often include headaches, flushing (of the face), and indigestion. Even more srious, if Viagra is taken with drugs like nitroglycerine it may cause sudden and potentially deadly drops in blood pressure!..

VigRX™ - Naturopath Approved!
Like most gay men, I feel the pressure of expectations to be ever-ready, potent, and "bigger than life." As a naturopath, I wanted to find a product that would make use of the principles of botanical medicine and would be safe, non-toxic, effective and, if necessary, reversible. I searched for a product that would contain the combination of botanicals which I would use if I were compounding the formula myself...

How Natural Penis Enhancement Pills Work
Years ago, men in our culture pretty much accepted whatever they were dealt in the sexual department, and they certainly didn't talk about their problems or concerns. Today, men aren't willing to live with uncertainty, embarrassment or feelings of inadequacy when it comes to sex -- and fortunately, they've found there really is something they can do about it. With the advent of prescription drugs for impotence, men began to question their long-held beliefs that sexual problems were just something you had to learn to live with (or deny). But prescription drugs aren't for everyone, and indeed, most men have concerns that can be addressed more simply and inexpensively than with doctor's office visits and subsequent pharmaceutical prescriptions...

An overview of penis augmentation surgery: is it for you?
Most guys would never admit it, but probably all of us have given some thought to penile enlargement surgery. Whether out of curiosity, self-consciousness, embarrassment, or a secret longing to be exceptionally well-hung, men very commonly seek information about surgery to increase the length and girth of the penis. In fact, a study of the top searches online shows "penis enlargement surgery" to be consistently among the most popular information requests...

Male Enhancement FAQs
Advertising and news about male enhancement pills is all over the place. What exactly are they? How do male enhancement supplements work? How many pills should I take? Are there any side effects? Who are good candidates for this kind of treatment? How long before I feel the results? Are there other ways to improve my sexual health?..

Penis enlargement traction devices
Penile curvature: is surgery the only option?
The majority of men have a very slight curve or sideways "hang" to the penis. But about 400 men in every 100,000 suffer from the condition of severely bent or curved erect penis, so extreme that it makes intercourse painful for both partners or completely impossible. The erect penis may bend in a "J" or "U" shape, or may have a series of bends that create an almost corkscrew-like appearance. This condition is referred to in the medical community as Peyronie's Disease, and is also sometimes called fibrous caverositis as a description of the condition of having fibrous scar tissue building up in the layers of erectile tissue (cavernosa)...

ProExtender™ is the most effective penis enlargement system yet! Why?
Tissue stretching is a historically and now medically proven method for body modification. Medical doctors use tissue expanders for the purpose of enlarging soft tissue in many types of reconstructive surgery.  Limbs are lengthened by orthopaedic surgeons. New skin is grown through stretching existing living skin. And in Africa and South America, tribal peoples have performed lip and ear stretching as a cultural practice for centuries...

Choosing the best device for penis enlargement
Over the past few decades men have solved their problems temporarily using whatever technology has been available. Since the 70s men have been buying vacuum penis pumps as a solution to erection problems and as a means to penis enlargement. Although the penis pump is well known, popular, and effective, there are even newer and far more effective devices now available...

The ProExtender™ is real penis enlargement!
You want real results? Tired of rip offs? Thousands of men JUST LIKE YOU are using this revolutionary traction-based penis enlargement device, and GETTING REAL RESULTS!..

FAQ: Penis enlargement traction devices
What is the penis "traction" device? How does a penis traction device work? Is traction a medically approved technique? How often do I have to use the device, and for how long? Do all penis enlargement device companies guarantee their products?..

Penis "traction" devices: how they work
The traction device category of penis enlargement has been the focus of more and more publicity recently, leading some to wonder if this is a new, untested idea. The truth is, the traction technique has its roots in ancient tribal customs, cultural and spiritual practices and even modern-day medical methods for rebuilding tissue in surgical patients. The idea has been around for centuries. What's new is the availability of safe, effective, medically developed devices for home use -- and now the idea behind them is well-tested and documented, with a long history of dramatic results...

The ProExtender System™
Why do most men work out? Thats easy  to look and feel powerful! This is what it means to be a man. A strong physical presence is a symbol of masculinity, and one that most guys feel is a big part of what makes them attractive to women. And theyre right, because many women do like a physically strong male...

SizeGenetics product review
For those men who prefer to approach penis enlargement from all angles, then Size Genetics offers the most effective package for penis enhancement. Size Genetics is the first doctor developed, multi-approach system of penis enlargement that I would recommend. Rather than a single product, Size Genetics is an entire system that incorporates herbal pills, exercises and a traction device into one cohesive program with guaranteed results...

Calculate your new penis size
Enter your current erect penis size in the field, and select the number of months you will use the ProExtender™.

Ejaculation Volume Enhancers
Increase Your Semen Load Up To 500%
Increase Semen Production - Increasing the volume of your ejaculate is a common desire among men. Having watched porn stars being drowned in the cum many men expect this to happen when they ejaculate. However there are secrets to increasing how much sperm spurts out when you ejaculate. A pill to cure this problem called Volume Pills and Semenax. When you sperm production goes up you will also benefit from...

How Ejaculation Volume Enhancers Work
To get a sense of the vital role of a healthy, abundant volume of ejaculate in male pleasure, let's take a look at how male climax works...

Volume Enhancer FAQs
Are these products just for men with fertility problems? Why does greater volume translate to better orgasms? How is this different then Viagra? What is in the volume enhancer product? How fast will the products start to work?..

Ejaculation and Male Potency
Since the beginning of time, it seems humans have been fixated on the beauty and power of the penis. A symbol of manhood, strength, dominance and success, the penis and all its workings have prominently figured in the art and imagination of cultures worldwide. Yet all the attention given to penis size, erection capability and lasting power are really pretty much an adjunct to the real moment of truth: the orgasm. After all, isn't that the real goal of all the penis-centered concern, to have bigger and more potent climaxes?..

Male enhancement patches
How Male Enhancement Patches Work
Suddenly, pharmaceutical patches are everywhere for every ailment: nonsmoking drugs, anti-depressants, birth control, and hundreds of prescription drugs are now coming out in patch form. It's fast becoming the preferred method of taking medicines, because there's no dilution of potency, no nausea or side effects to the digestive system, continuous time-released delivery and more accurate blood levels of the desired ingredients. It's also very easy to use and has a long shelf life...

Transdermal Male Enhancement Patch FAQs
What do transdermal male enhancement "patches" do? How do transdermal male enhancement patches work? Are there any side effects? How soon can I expect to see results? How should I use the male enhancement patch?..

Erection oil
How Erection Oils Work
New transdermal technologies have made it possible to encapsulate active, herbal ingredients into an oil that you can apply right to the source of the action -- so they take effect immediately. You just massage a little oil onto your penis, and let the games begin...

Erection Oil FAQs
What is in topical erection oils? How do topical erection oils compare with Viagra? Are topical erection oils condom-compatible? Will it leave a greasy or oily residue? Which topical erection oils are safe to use for oral sex? How do I apply it? Can these oils complicate sexual disease?..

Female libido booster
How women's libido-boosters work
Women have finally gotten their fair due in the category of all-natural sexual arousal and pleasure enhancers. Currently, there are dozens of such products on the market for men (not to mention several prescription meds that cater only to men), but only very recently have women's products moved into consumer focus. It's a booming segment of the natural supplement market that's more popular than ever...

FAQ: Women's libido-booster supplements
What's a "women's libido-booster" and why would I want one? How do natural supplements for the woman's libido work? Can I expect instant results from these products? Are there any side effects? I have never had a strong sex drive and seem not to have much sensitivity in the genital area. Can a women's libido-booster product help?..

Vaginal Stimulation Cream
How Vaginal Stimulation Creams Work
So far, it's mostly men's sexual pleasure and health that's been addressed both by prescription drugs and the burgeoning all-natural supplement sector. Fortunately, a few companies are paying attention to women's needs, and have developed stimulating creams that not only lube but also boost a woman's sensitivity and ability to orgasm more powerfully...

Sexual Enhancement Cream for Women FAQs
How do sexual enhancement creams for women work? Are the effects noticeable immediately? Are there any side effects with these products? Are female sexual enhancement creams expensive?..

Human growth hormone
How HGH Supplements Work
Human growth hormone, also called somatotropin, is a protein hormone of 190 amino acids (building blocks of protein) that is created and secreted by the anterior pituitary gland. It has two types of effects, both of which are highly beneficial to the vital, active human body...

Human Growth Hormone FAQs
What is HGH? How do I know HGH releaser products are safe? Some claims I've seen say you must have HGH by injection for it to work. If that's true, how can tablets be effective? What side effects are there? How long can I take HGH? How quickly do HGH releasers work? How fast will I look and feel better? Is HGH just for older adults?..

How Pheromone colognes work to get you noticed
All the old jokes about being able to "bottle" sex appeal turn out to have a basis in reality. Recently scientists discovered how to isolate and concentrate the chemical-hormonal substances -- called pheromones -- that create sexual attraction in humans. It's now possible to wear pheromones and put out their invisible sexy signals at will...

Pheromones FAQs
What are pheromones? How are pheromones detected? How come I haven't heard about this interesting new sense organ and human pheromones before? Do we give off pheromones naturally? If we have our own pheromones, why do we need a pheromone cologne? How long do they last? Why should I buy pheromone products? Are all pheromone products about the same? What results should I expect with a pheromone cologne?..

Penis enlargement

Penis pills and enlarger review guide